Top 5 reasons why language and speech therapy are so crucial for non-verbal kids

November 20, 2017

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The so called physical disabilities as noted by the society should not hinder the growth and progress of your child. If the history has been any indication then there are ample example to show how everyone can succeed if given the right opportunity and set in the right path. Parents have often showed reluctance to put their child through speech therapy especially when they are nonverbal. There is a misconception that since their child is nonverbal, they won’t benefit from a speech therapy. This is a grave misconception and it needs to be clarified.

There are various forms of communication that works toward giving your nonverbal child a voice. There is no doubt that someone who is non-verbal can learn to get on with their daily chores and survive in their surroundings, however, life is not adhered to simplistic daily chores or just the proximity to ones liking. To experience life and live fully, your nonverbal child will need speech therapy as it comes with various benefits that you must learn to give your child the benefit of a normal life.

It helps in improving different modes of communication

There are several modes of nonverbal communication. The speech therapy for children helps in achieving them. Communication aiding with the support of non-verbal communication employs strategies like, hand and limb gestures, sign languages, and vocal sounds. Therapists use human comprehensive approach. There are other forms of communication that are used like, writing, eye contact, facial expressions and typing. Along with these the formal ways of aided communications are also used, which includes, tapping someone or nudging on the shoulder. This is a crucial step for non-verbal children, as it educates them with various other modes for communication.

Gives a well rounded social skill

It is important to have credible social skills to survive in a society and a community. A realistic approach to language and its related skills are deviated when you have limited speech. Your child’s dental health plays a major part in speech therapy. Dentistry becomes a major issue for forming and articulating the speech, especially when your child has a problem with teeth or jaw. It is important that this is taken care of. There are a number of tools and strategies that can be employed, including stories, acting, applications for therapy and video shooting.

Language development with speech therapy

Speech therapy doesn’t only concentrates on skill development. It is also a major factor for language development. It is a lot more than just the development of speech. A speech therapist will target a number of concepts like, language, grammar, words, pronunciation, and so much more. It is through this way that they will help your child to develop the language that he/she uses to communicate. There are so much that goes into these therapies.

Helps to develop a mode of communication

The ability to communicate is extremely essential. Through speech therapy, children are at the leisure to communicate using aided and unaided communication. This may include low, mid and high technologically induced communication applications and devices, and virtually no literal text books. With the advent of various technologies, this is not that hard to do.

Develops the power to read

Speech therapy also helps your child with the power to read. Reading allows your child to form words and learns the language in turn. It is a fantastic way to develop your child by imparting education and the demanding life skills. It is also the key to better communication with others.

These are some of the top benefits of speech therapy. Never forget that anything is achievable, once you choose the right path for the goal.