Making your kindergartener rock in his studies is possible. How?

November 23, 2017

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As a parent, you may worry how your kindergarten-going kid will perform in his studies. Of course, the trained teachers of the kindergartens in Singapore in which they studied may have imparted the required education in them. The teachers may have created interest in them for studying as well. On your part, you may have played your part also. But you may feel that it may not be enough and that may be the reason for your worry.

Here is some great news for you. It is possible to make your kindergartener shine in his studies. Let us see how you can do it.

1. Find out those things that interest your kid. This will help in starting conversations with him. Even if you are not aware of the topics they are talking, you should make it a point to acquire knowledge about them. Remember that your kid will start enjoying your company if you talk about the topics in which they are interested. Of course, being a small kid, he may already be considering you as his role model and may be taking your guidance in everything. But when the kid starts enjoying your company, it will be easy for you to interact with him so you can motivate him suitably and mold him appropriately. You can impart good ideas into him and can make him more creative.

There is another advantage in knowing the interests of your kid. Researches have proved that kids will be more willing to learn if parents or teachers engage them in those activities that revolve around their interests.

2. You should make it a point to team up with the teachers of your kid because your way of handling him should be in sync with how the teachers handle him. If the teachers and you pull the kid in different directions, it may do great harm to his learning process.

3. Developing communication skills in your kid is very important. Remember that the kid has to interact with his teachers as well as the staff of the pre-school. For instance, if he has doubts in the lessons taught, he must be able to convey this to his teachers. If he struggles to understand the lessons taught and if he is not able to convey his difficulties to the teachers, he cannot learn the lessons.

4. Teachers as well as the staff of kindergarten schools make it a point to put in place suitable everyday activities that can enhance their language skills. Not only that, they make it a point to include a lot of fun elements to their teaching process. They mainly add those elements that may interest the kids. Researchers have proved that if the interests of children are included in their everyday activities of learning, they are likely to acquire better language and communication skills. Even children with disabilities and issues such as delays in acquiring communication skills will benefit if this strategy is adopted.

Including the interests of children in their daily learning activities will bestow the following three benefits.

a) This will motivate the kids to interact with their teachers and the staff of the school. In fact, they will interact for a longer duration.

b) Parents will have more opportunities for promoting the communication skills of their kids.

c) Thanks to the step of including the interests of kids in their daily activities, the children will be motivated to pay better attention when they are taught. This will help them in acquiring a good vocabulary more quickly and effectively.

How to discover your kid’s interests

Experts suggest that you should closely observe the activities of your kid for finding out his interests. You should try to interact with him as often as possible so you can make him speak out. In fact, your kid should do a lot of talking during your interactions with him and your duty is to listen to him attentively. In other words, you must abandon whatever agenda or ideas you may have and focus on what he speaks. This strategy will help you find out his interests.